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    Generate PDF Report of models created by Start anywhere mapping in ADDM v11.x

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      i'm using ADDM v11.0 Patch 2 and created few Application models. i'm trying to create a PDF file of that model which should contain all info including the "Diagram" which shows the software containment onto respective servers. but i don't find a method to create a PDF in it.


      earlier i used to create models thru CAM and from Manual Group i used to see option to Generate PDF of my application mappings.


      do we have an option in v 11.x start any where mapping to create PDF report of models? if yes where and how to do that?


      i tried adding my already created start anywhere model into a manual group, that gives me an option to generate a PDF but that dont show me the diagram of all software instances connected to the hosts. that only give the info but No diagram. i would need to define all rules here if i want to get a PDF with diagrams, but tht will again become CAM. then whats the use of Start anywhere application....




      please advice. thanks...