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    ADDM Windows Proxy Server

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      Using ADDM version 10.2


      We are using one Windows proxy server for ADDM.  We have successfully discovered Windows boxes across multiple domains on our network, even though our Windows proxy server exists only on one domain.


      There are still some Windows boxes that ADDM is not scanning successfully.  Our VM admins and Windows SAs are saying that the credentials are good and suggesting that perhaps we need Windows proxy servers on the different domains in order to successfully discover the Windows boxes that we are not scanning successfully yet.


      Can anyone clarify whether we are supposed to have multiple Windows proxy servers (one for each domain), or should we be able get all of our Windows discoveries with just one Windows proxy server?

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          Are the hosts you are trying to scan in a domain with trust to the domain your proxy is in? If not, you might get issues with authentication.


          If you check your discovery runs, you should be able to see why a host was not properly scanned. You could also try running a credential test in Discovery for some of the hosts, that way you can confirm if your proxy can access them.

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            Ryan Nicosia

            Another good test is to login to your Windows proxy server and attempt some basic WMI get statements against the box you are trying to access.  That should tell you if you have access or not.


            Login to the proxy with the same service account used for discovery then try something like this from powershell


            Get-WmiObject -Namespace "root\cimv2" -Class Win32_Process -ComputerName <inserttheremotehosthere>


            That should bring back an error you could provide to your A/D folks to help determine the issue

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              Andrew Waters

              It depends upon

              * if you are using AD or credential proxies, and

              * the trust you have between domains.

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