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    SSO Error: Error reading server greeting" in NSH

    Monoj Padhy

      We are running a NSH script from command line against 3 server groups with numbers of servers in each group as follows.

      Linux servers-- 600 servers

      AIX Servers-- 700 servers

      Solaris servers-- 100 servers


      The script executes successfully against all server groups except Solaris. When we executes this script against Solaris server group it gives SSO Error. Only initial 35-40 servers were successful and rest all hitting with "SSO Error: Error reading Server greetings".  As per my investigation we gets SSO error in two scenarios, either secure file mismatch or performance issue.


      Now we took only failed servers and passed as an input to the script again initial 40 odd servers were successful and the process continues till end. This confirms its not secure file issue and must be a performance issue.


      Now we run the same script against linux and AIX servers groups which contains 500+ servers in it and strangely none of them hits with SSO error. Now I am unable to decide if it has something to do with performance or any other issue. If its a performance issue then how the script executed successfully for Linux and AIX servers.


      BSA Version:


      Please suggest.