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    MainView AutoOperator and CICS

    Chris Forzaglia

      Any one know the difference between "MainView AutoOPERATOR for CICS" vs "MainView for CICS" vs "MainView AutoOPERATOR" in regards to the product installs?

      They are all MainView PAS's I suppose, but which are installed with the Base z/OS PAS and which come as a Separate BBI-SS PAS Product?

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          MainView AutoOPERATOR for CICS is a component (controlled by passwords) of MainView AutoOPERATOR.

          MainView for CICS is a standalone MainView product.     Depending on the customer's contract you may have these listed in many different ways.

          One of the more challenging pieces of the install is picking which products to install.   Again this circles back to the particular contract and passwords you have to run the various MainView products.


          MainView for CICS and AO for CICS can both run in the same PAS (product address space).   They can not run in the z/OS PAS.   Only CMF, MainView for z/OS and USS (unix system services) can run in the "z/OS PAS".


          Hope this helps,


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            Chris Forzaglia

            Thanks again Fred.  That helps confirm a bit of what I was suspecting.  I was looking at it so much that I was getting confused.  Once I get deeper into the install I assume some of this will begin to make more sense.

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              If it starts to make sense please contact me and explain it.         If it doesn't, just post and I'll help if I can.