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    Start anywhere application modeling preview

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      Hi everybody,

      we recently got started with start anywhere application modeling, and while the first results look pretty good I'm not sure I understand the logic behind it. As an example, here is a model for MyIT:





      If I view the resulting application instance in Atrium Explorer, I get this:




      How does Discovery decide what CIs will be related to the new application, e.g. why is there a relation between the application and MongoDB and the MyIT/SmartIT softwareserver, but not to AR System? And why is there an impact relationship to the MyIT/SmartIT server but not to MongoDB?


      Opening the same instance directly in discovery makes it even more confusing:




      Here it looks like the application would have relations to the backend DB, the SmartIT/MyIT server and AR System, but other relations that are visible in Atrium are not there at all. To me it seems I now have three different views for the same model even though they should be the same.


      What adds to the problem is that there seems to be no preview feature when creating an application model. To  see how the resulting application will look like, I have to actually publish a model. Is there some way I can see how the application looks like before publishing it - similar to the CMDB sync preview feature for hosts?