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    MainView Suite Upgrade for z/OS

    Chris Forzaglia

      I'm a Systems Programmer tasked with upgrading an old install of the following MainView Products...



      MAINVIEW FOR Z/OS               


      CMF MONITOR                                           

      MAINVIEW FOR CICS       

      MAINVIEW AUTOOPERATOR FOR CICS                    

      MAINVIEW AUTOOPERATOR FOR Z/OS                 






      I'm a bit intimidated by the project and was wondering if anyone has any insights or suggestions on the approach.  Is there a way to do this in chunks?  Any White Papers or something that lists best practices for something like this?

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          Hi Chris,


          I can understand the intimidation factor.    First place to start is with the BMC quick courses.   http://www.bmc.com/support/mainframe-demonstrations/


          Look under "I" for installation.    And start with the Installation System Overview.


          Where are you located geographically?    Because the next resource is a BMC Software Consultant, like myself.


          I can have someone reach out to you to guide you through the install.




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            Chris Forzaglia

            Thanks Fred. I will have to take a look at this link and see if I can get my arms around this a bit.  I am in Raleigh, NC, USA.  If I can't figure this out I just might need to see about getting some help, although that wouldn't look good for me since I was hired to do such a thing.

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              I won't tell anybody if you don't.   


              The key is not knowing everything .. it's knowing where to find out about everything.


              You will need a support logon to get started.   This will require you to have the support contract ID and password.    Hopefully someone you are working with knows this information.    Once you have this information follow this link  Support Central - BMC   And look at the right hand side of the page for Register.

              Click on Register and you will fill out some information and then click on the box below to gain access to BMC support.    You need this to download the installer via FTP. 



              If you have questions you can definitely post here and someone will lend you a hand.     My parting comment is, don't guess when you are working with the installer.    Ask or you may waste days having to redo something. 


              Good luck,


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                Chris Forzaglia

                Thanks Again Fred - I have an ID already since we just finished Control-M.  We did contract help for that already.

                I will jump in and start reading all the manuals.  I guess my biggest fear is that I don't really know who's using what around here.

                I watched a video via the link you directed me to.  It looks like this Installer (Execute Project) Panel Driven Installation tries to make it seamless.

                We'll see.  Wish me luck!

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                  You are very welcome. 


                  My concern is the release of MainView that is currently running.    Will the new installer work or will you have to use what we call a "bootstrap" install.    Either way the installer is SMPE installed (in it's own SMPE GLOBAL zone ... do NOT share).     When that install is complete then you move on to the MainView install.


                  Best of luck,