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    BSA DB Cleanup Job: Problems with HISTORY_ORDR RoleName Parameter

    Artur Kominek

      Good morning,


      we have an issue with the DB cleanup.

      All jobs with ExecutionMode HISTORY_ORDR need arguments BJECT_TYPE, RETENTION_DAYS, DURATION and  ROLE, and all of them fail du to ROLE if I try to clean results for all roles.

      According to documentation you can enter <null> as value to do so but in that case I get the folowing error.


      Error  26.07.2016 18:15:28    The job 'Cleanup_AuditResult' has failed

      Info    26.07.2016 18:15:27    Exit Code 1

      Error  26.07.2016 18:15:27    The command 'Delete cleanupHistoricalData' failed. Please run 'Cleanup Diagnostic Test' for further details.

      Info    26.07.2016 18:15:27    Command execution failed.  Role null not found.

      Info    26.07.2016 18:15:12    Command: Delete cleanupHistoricalData AuditResult 10 120 NULL

      Info    26.07.2016 18:15:12    Action launched: BladeLogic AuditResult historical deletion older than 10 days for NULL. Runtime duration 120 minutes.

      Info    26.07.2016 18:15:11    Executing work item NSH Script Job:Cleanup_AuditResult;  on application server: vlt61242

      Info    26.07.2016 18:15:09    Started running the job 'Cleanup_AuditResult' with priority 'NORMAL' on application server 'vlt61242'(2,000,000)

      Info    26.07.2016 18:15:09    JobRun Log Settings: JobRun Limit = 1000000


      If I enter an existing role (eg. <windows_admins>) the job runs without any problem.


      This is on: Version:


      Anyone an idea?

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