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    Workaround for Windows patch payloads that have changed to ftp?

    Chris Therrien

      Asking for a friend:


      We update our Windows Patch Catalogs the second Tuesday of every month (in this month’s case, July 12th, 2016). Since our last catalog update, we’ve been having some issues download payloads for some patches, which is causing our patching jobs to fail. After looking at the catalog download jobs, and patching job logs, it seems that payloads from HP and Adobe are now on FTP sources instead of HTTP(s).


      We block FTP traffic by default for security reasons, and it would be a non-standard setup if we were to allow our App server for FTP traffic out.


      Do you know of any way we can workaround this without having to identify and manually download the patches?


      Is there a way we/us/BMC can approach Shavlik/HP/Adobe to find out why this has changed?