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    Pentaho with Remedy on Demand

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      For planning purposes only at this point, we are moving from Remedy on premises 9.0.01 to Remedy on Demand within the next year. I am wondering if Pentaho is the same on both sides, and whether I will be able export/import my transformations from the on-prem to the RoD environment. Assuming tweaks here and there with field names, or other changes, what can I expect, specifically related to Pentaho? Or is there a different ETL tool being used in RoD?

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          Murthy Pendyala

          It will be same tool but you will not have access to QA and PROD for any

          tools like Pentaho Dev studio etc.

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            Hi Ed,


            We're a Remedy On Demand (RoD) 8.1 user and have been for nearly 3 years now (looking to upgrade to 9 when not so busy).


            We use Atrium Integrator/Pentaho Spoon a lot with RoD, but in order to connect it (on premise) to your RoD environment you'll need either a VPN connection or BMC's "Client Gateway" (installs as a Windows service, linux version may be available too) which is deployed on-prem in your DMZ and establishes a AR traffic tunnel to your DEV, QA and PROD environments over a HTTPS connection. You can then connect Pentaho (or Remedy DevStudio) to the relevant port (DEV/QA/PROD) on your gateway server and it works fine.


            You can run Spoon jobs to push data up to RoD or pull data down, you can edit jobs (like DMT jobs) that run internally on Remedy, but what doesn't work for us is having Spoon jobs on your RoD server that will be run on a schedule on your RoD environment that need to talk to databases/servers on-prem to pull data into Remedy - maybe this can work if you have a VPN connection with Remedy but using the gateway I don't think it's possible. For us this does make it tricky to fully automate LDAP People data sync etc, but it is possible to work around, you just need to get used to pushing up your data into CMDB staging forms then having jobs that can take it onwards from there (I'm not a Remedy expert so maybe there's a better way - I did post a question about it but got little attention).


            We extensively use the "Kitchen" command line version of Spoon to perform scheduled job runs on-prem to pull and push data from/to our RoD PROD environment - most crucially to pull ticket updates onto a local SQL database that we can then run reports from, but also to push CMDB and LDAP data up to Remedy.


            For importing/exporting the Spoon tool is the same and imprt/export functionality is there, you'll be able to download it from BMC's EPD site (the enhanced CMDB version).




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              Karl-Anders Falk

              Hi Simon,

              saw that you had not been able to connect to onsite datasources like your LDAP directory for people data.

              It is actually possible to configure the client GQ to allow this, which many customers do.

              There is even a OOTB UDM job built using spoon to Load people data from a LDAP directory via the client GW.

              Just raise a request via i.onbmc.com and the Operations team will assist you in getting it set up.

              Reach out to your BRM (Business Relationship Manager) in case you need more detailed information.


              Best regards



              Karl-Anders Falk


              BMC SaaS Operations team