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    Workbench replays is not setting browser type

    Sachin Tewari



      Very late to ask after all these years, but what does the function WebSetBrowser() do?


      Should'nt it "Set the browser type to be used for simulation"


      I am able to record a script using the latest version of Firefox or Chrome but not with IE 8.

      IE8 renders the page blank/garbled/missing when I am navigating to a particular link of the site that I am trying to record against.

      This is true even when using Web-Browser driven recording standard.


      In the execution server, I have installed Chrome and FireFox, and my idea was to record using either of these browsers using Web Business Transaction(HTML/HTTP) recording and then using WebSetBrowser() to override so that it uses Chrome or FF to replay.


      I thought this worked in the past. It seems we are not able to replicate this.


      TMART gurus Hal DeVore Dan Egner , Kindly advise.


      [ I am using BMC TMART Workbench 4.2 SP5 with IE 8.0.7601,17514 64-bit edition ]


      Thank you



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          Hal DeVore

          Hey, Sash. 


          WebSetBrowser() only sets some internal behaviors for the replay engine.  It's been a long time since I discussed the details but as I recall it wasn't much.  I recall things like the way parallel TCP connections are used and possibly the User-Agent header being affected by WebSetBrowser.


          In no case does a Web Business Transaction(HTML/HTTP) recording make any use of any actual browser for playback. That recording type is driven purely by the replay engine in perfRun.exe.


          Have you tried recording with Firefox?  I can't recall when support for that was added but I think it's there in TM ART late releases.


          Browser "age out" is a significant issue with TM ART and one I seriously doubt will be fixed.  BMC has moved on to the new TrueSight Synthetic Transaction product.



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