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    How to Launch BSA job(s) from Powershell script

    Justan Suss

      Hi all,


      We have a few different server provisioning processes here, and wont be using BSA to build or deploy servers.


      In all cases, our servers are deployed with a base image that always has:


      - windows 2008 or 2012 with powershell

      - a BSA agent installed with correct users, users.local, & export files

      - NW connectivity to / from BSA management servers for PSREMOTING and BSA agent


      Currently, when a server is rolled out we manually kick off a job to enroll the server in BSA. Ideally I'd like to automate this by:

      1 - creating a PS1 that kicks off a BSA job to enroll the new server an place this script on our base images

      2 - launch the script from a 'run Once' registry entry on each server, so it launches from the newly built server


      alternatively, If we instead need to just kick off the Ps1 from the OS support teams workstation, that's OK too. Most of our deployments are launched using a powershell script from our workstations, so if there's a need to leverage NSH or BladeLogic CLI we can do that as well.


      Any suggestions, help, or direction to available resources is appreciated.


      - Justan