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    BLCLI Group - bulkApplyBlAclTemplateByGroup

    Steve Cupp

      In the code below I am attempting to use this command: Group - bulkApplyBlAclTemplateByGroup


      # Name of the existing job group.


      # Group type string.


      # Name of the existing ACL template.


      # Recurse flag (true to apply template to objects in sub-groups).


      # Replace flag (true to replace existing permissions and false to append).




      #Now apply the ACL template to the job group.

      `blcli Group bulkApplyBlAclTemplateByGroup $GROUP_NAME $GROUP_TYPE $ACLTEMPLATE_NAME $RECURSE $REPLACE`


      I receive the error below and I have no hair left after pulling it all out trying to figure out what is wrong. . .


      invalid argument: DBKey:SBLGroupModelKeyImpl:2006967-14706411


      Please help

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          Bill Robinson

          that command actually calls a number of other commands:


          Command    Input    Return value stored name

          Utility.convertModelType    $modelType$    type

          Group.getGroupByQualifiedName    NAMED_OBJECT=type $groupName$    group

          Group.getGroupId    no input    groupId

          BlAclPolicy.nameToId    $policyName$    policyId

          BulkAclModifier.bulkApplyAclPolicy    NAMED_OBJECT=groupId NAMED_OBJECT=policyId $recursive$ $replace$    -

          Utility.setTargetObject    group    -

          Group.getDBKey    no input    -


          so probably one of those is having an issue.  what version of bsa ?

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            Bill Robinson

            uh - is this a job group or server group ?

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              Steve Cupp

              /System_Management/Cerner_BLCLI_Test is a static server group. . . . I see that the comment says job group, I didn't change it when I copied the code from the example  . . . #Now apply the ACL template to the job group.

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                Bill Robinson

                ok - that works for me just fine in, and there weren't any changes between 301 and 304 that should have affected this.


                blcli -r BLAdmins -v defaultProfile Group bulkApplyBlAclTemplateByGroup "/Workspace" DEPOT_GROUP "Recommended Default ACL Template" false false



                is there anything in the blcli log ?

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                  Steve Cupp

                  Interesting. . .  you have "/workspace" for the groupName variable. . .  I have  "/System_Management/Cerner_BLCLI_Test" for it. Do I have to have the "servers" workspace as part of my groupName?

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                    Bill Robinson

                    No – you shouldn’t.  /workspace is a depot folder in the ‘depot’ workspace for me.

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                      Steve Cupp

                      ok. . .  below is the run log from the NSH script job.

                      Job Name,BSA_Add_ACL_Template_to_ServerStaticGroup - Run at 07/15/2016 16:46:09

                      Start Time,07/15/2016 16:46:09

                      End Time,07/15/2016 16:46:27

                      Status,Completed with Errors




                      Run at 07/15/2016 16:46:09,Info,07/15/2016 16:46:09,Started running the job 'BSA_Add_ACL_Template_to_ServerStaticGroup' with priority 'NORMAL' on application server 'job_deployment_1_NODCAPTBMC03'(3)

                      Run at 07/15/2016 16:46:09,Info,07/15/2016 16:46:11,Executing work item NSH Script Job:BSA_Add_ACL_Template_to_ServerStaticGroup; Server:NODCAPTBMC04.no.trinity-health.org;  on application server: job_deployment_1_NODCAPTBMC13

                      NODCAPTBMC04.no.trinity-health.org,Info,07/15/2016 16:46:27,Exit Code 127

                      NODCAPTBMC04.no.trinity-health.org,Error,07/15/2016 16:46:27,//@/C/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/NSH/tmp/job_deployment_1_NODCAPTBMC13/scripts/job__6961428f-dd2e-40f6-a5c9-0c657c20b588/script_DBKey-SJobKeyImpl-359681-2__784ce293-0239-4113-9be2-0deb1cf12260.191297.1_Add_Permission_Server.nsh:21: invalid argument: DBKey:SBLGroupModelKeyImpl:2006967-14706411

                      Run at 07/15/2016 16:46:09,Error,07/15/2016 16:46:27,The job 'BSA_Add_ACL_Template_to_ServerStaticGroup' has failed



                      If there is a different log you are wanting to see, could you tell me where it would be located?