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    how to export compliance job result to target server with soap webservice

    Evan John

      Hello all ,

      i'm working with soap webservice for export compliance job result to target server,in the BLCLI command :

      I set the exportDirectory:  // is the target server)

      it returned that:



      the returnvalue of exportDirectory is in the appserver not the targetserver.I can use the BLCLI command export the result to the target server( successfuly and the result file is ok,howerver it failed with BBSA webservice with the same BLCLI command.I also checked the exportDirectory "/opt/bmc/bladelogic/NSH/tmp/config_deployment_clm-bsa/7a7b7dd5-9507-42a4-9ee6-fff6ba085306" it was null in it. What's wrong with it.Thanks for your help.