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    Unable to install v8.8 Console on Windows 7 machine

      I have 1 machine which I am unable to install the new 8.8 console (64bit) on. The installer extracts the files to %temp% and then deletes the folder. No errors or logs are produced.


      I had the 8.6 Console installed, so I removed it, and deleted the BladeLogic keys under HKLM/Software with no change.

      I have been searching but cannot find any information other than looking at the log (which is not created). I checked my Java version, and it is 8u91, the latest. The machine which the install worked on is running 7u97, but this version is no longer available to download.


      Both are running Windows 7 64bit, 8GB of Ram and plenty of Hard drive space available.

      I'm just not sure what else to check.