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    Various NSH related issues after upgrading from 8.6.1 to 8.8

    Steffen Kreis



      we updated our DEV environment to 8.8 last friday and are now facing some NSH related issues.


      1.) An interactivly launched NSH session is not picking up the Automation Principal when connecting to a Windows target, which has the AP set.

      It seems to use the NSHProxy correctly, as the rscd.log on the target shows the connection comes from the AppServer and only the AppServers are listed in the targets exports anyway.

      However an agentinfo always shows we are using User Privilige Mapping.

      A Live-Browse of the target however uses the Automation Principal.

      (I already opened Case 00175792 for this one)


      2,) The second issue is that the Custom Commands seems to not be able to read the used Authentication Profile since we get the good old "SSO Error: No Authentication profile has been successfully loaded..:" When we run something like "Server Overview" or "NSH Here"


      We are not specifying the Auth_profile_Name as part of the secure file since we have to deal with multiple environments here,

      We always had this kind of problem back in the 8.0/8.1/8.2 days but i was hoping it is a thing of the past.

      As a quick workaround i added:

      env.BL_AUTH_PROFILE_NAME=[MY_AUTHPROFILE_NAME] to the BSAClient.cfg and this fixes the issue.


      But this is a bit annoying, since the console should be able to figure out the correct value on its own.


      Has anybody seen a similiar thing or knows how to fix this ?