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    Quick way to get avail work item threads?

      Our team needs frequent performance and utilization metrics (as we get from jmxcli) for our application servers.  We've been using blcli_execute Profiler getCompleteStatusReport - but alas this takes almost two minutes to execute in one environment (and of course queries and returns a lot of unnecessary information).


      We were told these details do not go into the database, and that the only way to get this "on the fly" is using the Profiler command.  Wouldn't this information reside in the running appserver instance?   Might it be present and available in the JVM, and possibly available via JMX? 


      Can anyone help or advise?  If this is not feasible or possible, how can I request an enhancement or alternate query/method? 

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          Bill Robinson

          What details do you need that you aren’t getting from the jmxcli ?

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            “Available work item threads” as output by blcli Profiler getCompleteStatusReport, eg:


                     'myhosthere' => {

                                          'Used File Descriptors' => '284',

                                          'Maximum File Descriptors' => '8,192',

                                          'Maximum JVM Memory (B)' => '3,817,799,680',

                                          'Maximum concurrent jobs' => '30',

                                          'Number of work item threads' => '100',

                                          'BLManager Started' => 'Fri Jun 17 14:51:09 EDT 2016',

                                          'Used JVM Memory (B)' => '401,612,448',

                                          'Available work item threads' => '100',

                                          'Free JVM Memory (B)' => '346,874,208',

                                          'Total JVM Memory (B)' => '748,486,656',

                                          'Number of jobs currently running' => ''


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              Bill Robinson

              And that’s not in the jmx queries you are running ?  pretty sure that’s available via the bljconsole/jmxcli:


              monitor.idle_wi.mbean.name=Bladelogic:type=ApplicationServer,Job Manager=Job Manager,name=Job Manager




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                I’d have thought and hoped so too, alas the only properties documented (and that I know how to get so far) are here (I wrote a capture script to output this)…


                1. CurrentTime,ResidentSetSize,VirtualSize,TotalJvmMemory,UsedJvmMemory,FreeJvmMemory,NumAvailableConnections,NumConnections,NumAvailableConnections,NumConnections,NumAvailableConnections,NumConnections,NumIdleClientWorkerThreads,ActiveConnections,NumberOfRunningJobs,NumOfWorkItemsCached

                Fri Jul 01 00:00:34 EDT 2016,947007488,7526948864,743636992,258015616,485621376,0,0,1,2,0,0,125,0,0,0

                Fri Jul 01 00:01:34 EDT 2016,955437056,7526948864,747110400,231729448,515366408,0,0,1,2,0,0,125,0,0,0

                Fri Jul 01 00:02:34 EDT 2016,958185472,7526948864,749142016,244007736,504977832,0,0,1,2,0,0,125,0,0,0


                I’m trying to figure out how to identify this in the bljconsole for creating the property definition, but have not figured it out yet.

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                  Bill Robinson

                  Pretty much anything you see in the bljconsole you can get w/ the jmxcli.

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                    Bill, things finally "clicked" after I saw what you were trying to explain in the JMX data in our bljconsole, and adding several missing metrics to jmxblcli properties.  I am getting new data now, and will see if it matches what Profiler.getCompleteStatusReport shows.  Thank you!