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    Remedy Outgoing Mails in Error.

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      Hi Team,


      We are facing issue with outgoing email notifications which are going in error.

      Remedy Email Engine is working fine but on the daily basis we find 100-250 outgoing email messages in Error. It picks only few mails in error and start sending the other mails. We have even checked whether the notification is set to Alert for those CDSIDs or it is related to invalid address issue, but this is of no help as for same id few emails are triggering as “Yes” (For Send Message) while on the other cases it is triggering as “Error” (For Send Message).


      We have even cross-checked all the email configurations and found them fine.


      Operating System : Linux 2.6.18-186.el5

      Operating System Patches :

      Database Type : SQL -- Oracle

      Database Version : - 64bit

      AR System Version / Patch :

      Mid-Tier Information : 7.6.04 SP5

      Apache Tomcat version : tomcat 6.0

         Browser Configuration : IE

         ITSM Version / Patch :

         CMDB Version / Patch :


         AIE Ver :


      Please help on this issue.


      Thanks in advannce