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    Query related to AROutput Step

    Suyog Aptikar
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      Hi All,


      I am using AROutput step in spoon to import data on regular(staging) form and from there after doing certain validations we are pushing the records in custom base CMDB class.

      My query is related to Batch commit size and fallback to single row commit if batch commit fails

      I do not have fallback to single row commit if batch commit fails

      and Batch commit size is 200, I have observed while importing the data from regular form to CMDB form, some of the records say 5% do not get imported.

      Is there any issue with AROuput plugin, has anyone observed this earlier or is there any problem with filter which we are using to push data into custom base class form(it is non ast form).

      I have checked logs, and till now what I found is that in sql statement record is getting pushed into CMDB(table) but it do not get committed. I understand that this commit is not getting done somehow due to push fields but can it be due to below parameters.

      Please suggest here, we cannot use CMDB steps as there are some validations on staging form which completes the data we need to push to Custom CMDB class form, also we are directly creating data in golden dataset.

      Gustavo del Gerbo Parag Ghanekar Singaravadivelan Ramakrishnan