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    PXE service option 43

    Jim Campbell

      We primarily use bare metal provisioning for installing Windows via the PXE/TFTP boot process.  For most of our hardware we don't have any issue but we are having difficulty specifically with bare metal provisioning on Xenserver 6.5 virtual machines.  Citrix support investigated the issue and claim the problem stems from incomplete data in the DHCP offer coming from the PXE service for option 43.  The PXE client on these virtual machines is receiving the responses from the PXE server but apparently cannot parse them correctly to start the TFTP download of the boot image.


      Is this option 43 requisite for this process?  Can the PXE service be altered to remove it somehow if not?  From wireshark the packet looks like:


      40.899875PXE_SERVER_IP_HERETARGET_IP_HEREDHCP395DHCP Offer    - Transaction ID 0x3476ae70


      Option: (43) Vendor-Specific Information (PXEClient)

          Length: 83

          Option 43 Suboption: (6) PXE discovery control

              Length: 1

              discovery control: 0x40

          Option 43 Suboption: (7) PXE multicast address

              Length: 4

              multicast address:

          Option 43 Suboption: (8) PXE boot servers

              Length: 7

              boot servers: <Value Removed but contains the IP of the PXE/TFTP server in hex>

          Option 43 Suboption: (9) PXE boot menu

              Length: 11

              boot menu: 0001085078654c696e7578

          Option 43 Suboption: (10) PXE menu prompt

              Length: 50

              menu prompt: 0057656c636f6d6520746f20426c6164654c6f6769632050...


      Are there any options for modifying the way this is sent?  The menu and prompt just seem to be generic values that shouldn't really be necessary.