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    Error in consuming BMC Bladelogic Web Services

    Ashish Vijay

      I am trying to use BMC Bladelogic Web Services using Python to run some blcli command. I am able to connect and assume role with web services in Python. But when i try to run blcli command using clitunnelservice web service, i am getting below error.


      Traceback (most recent call last):

      client2 = Client(url2)

      self.wsdl = reader.open(url)

      d = self.fn(url, self.options)


      raise TypeNotFound(query.ref)

      TypeNotFound: Type not found: '(executeCommandUsingAttachments, http://bladelogic.com/webservices/skeleton/clitunnel, )'


      I have BSA 8.3.02 on Linux Server and Python version is 2.6.6.


      My code is


      from suds.client import Client


      url2 = 'https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:9843/services/CLITunnelService?wsdl'
      client2 = Client(url2)

      client2.set_options(soapheaders=sessionid, location=url2)
      result2 = client2.service.executeCommandByParamList(namespace, commandname, arglist)


      Can anyone help me on this issue.