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    Smart Reporting Issue

    Shreya Mauzo
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      Hi All,


      We are testing the functionality for Smart Reporting.

      There are two issues that we have obsserved.


      1.The users created on Remedy are not getting synced with Smart Reporting.

      There is a form UDM:Execution Status where the status for User_Sync is Waiting.

      When we try to go to Smart Reporting Console we get the error

      ARERR [9430] Failed to get token for Remedy Smart Reporting, Please see your administrator.
      Here are the probable reasons for this failure
      1. Smart Reporting onboarding is not done.
      2. MidTier is not configured for Smart Reporting.
      3. User does not exist in Smart Reporting Server, wait for User Sync Job to run.
      4. Smart Reporting Server is not running.

      So this means the users on ITSM are not synced with Smart Reporting


      2.Also we have directly created users on Smart Reporting but the OOB reports for these users are not visible.


      Has anyone else been facing these issues?

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          Abhay Bagalkoti

          Hello Shreya,


          Hopefully this might have resolved by now, however if it is not yet resolved then you may try below.


          For the first issue, please try below steps.


          1. Login to Remedy Console and open the form “RSR:ExecuteUserSyncConfig”.
          2. Check out the field “z1D_Action” if it has STARTENTRY, then modify it and update with CREATEENTERY.
          3. Go to “CTM:People” or “User” form and modify some information for any user in the form (There should be some modification done to any of the filed, like e.g. add a space and remove it from a blank field).
          4. Login to Remedy Developer studio and search for an Escalation called “RSR:UpdateCompletedStatus”. Right click on this escalation and click on Run Now.
          5. This will make the status as Running in UDM:ExecutionStatus, and once it is Finished, you can check the launching from Remedy console.


          NOTE: Make sure that the Mid-tier is configured correctly for appropriate Smart Reporting link.

          This will not recreate the users which has been created manually in Smart Reporting.


          If still the issue is not resolved, then it would be better to raise it to BMC Support team.


          For second issue, ideally creating manual users directly in Smart Reporting is not recommended as they tend to fail for authentication and impersonation.

          However, for test purpose, create a user like UserName@ClientOrgName, and then see if you are able see the reports and other contents.


          Kindly let us know the outcome and status.




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            Shreya Mauzo

            Hi Abhay,


            Thanks for your help

            We had raised this issue with BMC and they suggested the following:


            For the first case, following steps were told to follow:

            1.select * from IpContact where EmailAddress = 'abc@abc.com';

            2.Delete from IpContact where EmailAddress = 'abc@abc.com';

            3.Make changes in profile in CTM:People.

            4.Run escalation RSR:UpdateCompletedStatusmanually from Dev Studio.

            5.Changes are reflected.


            For the second case, as you mentioned, users cannot be created directly on Smart Reporting.

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              Abhay Bagalkoti

              Thanks Shreya for acknowledgement.


              These steps are useful, when there is a case as 2 users having same email id, and user sync fails.


              Do let us know if you have any questions around this.




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                Shreya Mauzo

                Hi Abhay Bagalkoti,


                I have a question regarding multiple users having same email id.

                If we have group email ID, many users will share the ID in CTM:People form.

                In such a case which user profile will be created in Smart Reporting Database?


                Is there any criteria based on which the users are created on Smart Reporting for such situations?

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                  Abhay Bagalkoti

                  Hello Shreya,


                  This was a defect in product for user sync for this case. It has been fixed Remedy 9.1 Patch 1.

                  If the upgrade is not an option for now, then it would be better to raise a support ticket, wherein you can request for a hot fix.




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                    Hi All,


                    We had a very similar issue as per the original post. When going through the solution that Abhay provided to manually kick start the process, we found that errors were being generated and the main culprit related to a jar file (see error below), this we viewed on the UDM:ExecutionStatus form. We had already upgraded to V9.1.00 SP1 and it was from then that this issue began as we did the onboarding without a problem prior to that. So we logged a ticket with support and they too focused on the error I show below.



                    ERROR (version 4.1.0, build 1 from 2015-12-09 16.13.21) : org.codehaus.janino.CompileException: Line 61, Column 11: Ambiguous class name: "com.bmc.inapp.reporting.yellowfin.config.YFConfig" vs. "com.bmc.inapp.reporting.model.YFConfig"



                    What solved it for us was that support provided us with a new inapp-reporting.jar file. We backed up any file in the AR install directory [BMC Software\ARSystem\diserver\data-integration\libext] with the name inapp-reporting*.jar (we had one called inapp-reporting90_build001.jar). The files are locked by the app, so we had to stop all the BMC related services, remove the file and add in the new one. After we started the services and ran through the manual sync described by Abhay, it worked like a charm.



                    I have attached the entire error log that we got and you get that from the UDM:ExecutionStatus form as well as the jar file that we inserted in place of the inapp-reporting90_build001.jar file.


                    Hope this helps someone out there.





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