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    EM:  Cannot allocate memoryset_NSHJobParameter

    Artur Kominek



      following situation:

      Today we added 4 Jobservers to our environment and we get following error:

      Error:     06/20/2016 14:14:09:  can't fork: Cannot allocate memoryset_NSHJobParameter:10: bad file number: /dev/null


      I have read some of the diskussions here and checked some solutions but the error still occurs and I have no idea how to fix this.


      - blprocserv daemon is running on appserver and jobservers


      - /etc/security/limits.conf is equal on the appserver and on all jobservers

      bladmin         -        core            unlimited

      bladmin         -        nofile          8192


      - I have also restarted the services on all servers (several timees).


      Has anybody an idea what the problem might be?



      We run on BSA Version: @ SLES 12



      Thank you

      Kind regards