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    Group setting in BLPackage not changing file permissions

    Neal Meagher

      I am running a deploy from BLpackage that create directory and copies over jar file to it. I have the OwnerOption set to ignore. I have the Group(Option) set to apply gith a GID of the grup i want to set file permission on. When i run the job the permissions on the jar file default to BLDeploy user permission. If i set the GroupOwnerName to the group GID it works. But I want to use the Group option. Why is this not overriding and setting my permissions.


      The user running the job is a role mapped to root on linux target. So BLDeploy isnt even the mapped account. There is a custom property class by the name is Unix_Group_ID tat was set to the GID of the BLDeploy gourp. But it was removed and the job re created. Nut still the permission on the directory structure and the file are BLDeploy.