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    Enabling web services on BSA 8.5

    Steve Cupp

      This is the blasadmin command I'm finding to enable Web Services on a application server: set AppServer enableWebServices true.


      Seems simple enough, after running it I've checked like this and this looks right:

      bladmin:_template>show AppServer enableWebServices



      After which the app server was rebooted.


      But when trying to connect thru HTTP with this syntax modified with our specific info inserted: https://myAppServer:9843/type/PropertySetClasses/SystemObject/Server/?username=BLAdmin&password=foo&role=BLAdmins

      I am not finding the link.


      First question, when running the blasadmin command what deployment should it be run against? In my case I've been running it against the "_template" deployment. Is this correct?


      Second question, is the "myappserver" part of this link the actual app server host name or the name of a particular deployment on the app server host?


      Third question, Is there anything else I can check to see if anything is missing?


      I am quite the noob when it comes to this stuff. . .