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    PatchAnalysis Unreleased blcli command

    Steve Abercrombie

      BL Community,


      Does anybody out there have a sample PatchAnalysisResult script that will pull a total missing patch count on a Patch Analysis job?  I believe that I have found the correct namespace but I'm not sure which command I need.  I'm looking at the unreleased command for the PatchAnalysisResult namespace.  I think some of the commands in there could help me but I don't know how I'd find some of the following parameters that need to be passed:  patchingTool, pagingSpec, referrerCount, contPatchId, entryType, modelType, or condition.  If anybody could guide me in the right direction to either find how to get these values or a better way to pull the Patch Analysis results from a PA job.  I've seen the discussions about using the Utility namespace and exporting the results which would work if I didn't want to automate the process as it won't allow me to export the results to a remote server.  Thanks for the help in advance.