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    BSA - Intelligent BladeLogic Package

    Jonathon Hyam

      Is it possible to create a BladeLogic package which at the simulation phase can identify the architecture type of the target and stage the correct pkg, rpm or tar.z (custom software), instead of copying all the potential packages depending on OS type, then running a script at commit to identify the correct package to install. It would save much time and bandwidth! Is it possible to so something with a custom server property?


      For example a single BladeLogic package which installs a CONTROL-M/agent at a site where there are 32-bit & 64-bit Linux, Solaris and AIX hosts. Upon executing the job to deploy the CONTROL-M/agent BladeLogic package, it is able to query each target in turn and only stage/copy the correct installation package (rpm, pkg, tar.z, etc) for the target.


      Currently we have a BladeLogic package for each UNIX flavor and have to use smart groups to determine which BL package to execute against the targets in the smart group.