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    RSCD is restarts itself

    Harsha A

      Hi there,


      We are using application server and RSCD agent 8.6. When I try to create blpackage around 400MB size I get exceptional error in appserver log and in rscd I see below info



      WARN     rscd -  <targetSERVER> 3640 SYSTEM (Not_available): (Not_available): Main: Wait object 0 listener came down hard.

      INFO2    rscd -  <applicationSERVER> 7088 BladeLogicRSCD@<targetSERVER> -><USERNAME>@<targetSERVER>:PrivilegeMapped (Packager_Deployer:user@domainname): CM: read (5, buf, 16384) = 16384

      DEBUG    rscd -  <targetSERVER> 3640 SYSTEM (Not_available): (Not_available): Main: **** RSCD shutdown clean (App) ****



      no info after the above info in the RSCD log.


      However RSCD service will start by itself.


      Could anybody shut some light here?




      Harsha Angadi