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    Sync logical_ram if value is larger than physical ram

    Brian Soefje
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      I have an interesting ask. We have some Windows virtual servers where the RAM allocated was increased via VmWare.

      The owners of the assets are complaining the corrected / new larger RAM values are not showing up in the CMDB. This follows the sync logic OOTB.

      ADDM reports the Physical ram (host.ram) as 4GB but the logical comes back as the newly allocated 8GB. Standard sync pattern only syncs host.ram and not host.logical_ram to CMDB. However customer would like to see that value reported in TotalPhyscialMemory. Skipping the lecture on whether this is right to do (placing logical value in the physical field) has anyone came across a over ride sync script with some logic like:

      If logical_ram is greater than physical ram then put logical_ram in the CS attribute


      if no physical ram but logical_ram - sync logical_ram


      sync physical ram as normal.