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    How install two agents on Application Server and install BSA with UPI

    Antonio Caputo

      Hi all,


      what's the best practrice to install with UPI the Aplication Server + FS agent + Server agent on one Linux box?


      I made a test installation as follow:


      - installed bsa with UPI and define the RSCD agent to work as a File Server agent (configuring the secure to point to File Server IP address and exports to map users as bl_fs).

      - install a second agent as -local and define it as Server Agent.


      I would like to do the opposite: have the local agent as FS agent and the other one as server agent. I followed what shone here: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/bsa87/How+to+configure+two+RSCD+agents+on+a+single+host installing the two agents and the run the UPI to install the App Server. But the app server doesn't start saying the the FS is down or not recognized.


      Any hint on that?