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    Compliance - compare Products from csv file to installed Products

    James Donohue



      Scenario: We have a System of Record that contains all Products / Versions that should be installed on certain Server types throughout the Organization. A scheduled job gets executed that reads the SOR and creates a csv file on the local Server listing all Products / Versions that this Server should have.


      I'm attempting to create a Compliance Rule that does the following:

      • Reads a CSV on each target, as shown(count, Product, Version):




      • Search the first Product in the csv and determine if the value contains a Product in RPM:*.Name
      • AND Search the first Version in the csv and determine if the value contains a Version in RPM:*"."Version (Linux)


      If they are both satisfied than that part of the rule is compliant.



      I tried If, Exists and Count and have some success but it never seems to validate the Version. Any suggestions, examples are appreciated.


      Here's the Rule in its simplest form:

      "Configuration File Entry:/home/zkplun3/tmp/data.csv//**"."Value1 as String (All OS)" contains "RPM:*".Name  AND

      "Configuration File Entry:/home/zkplun3/tmp/data.csv//**"."Value2 as String (All OS)" = "RPM:*"."Version (Linux)"