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    Issue while remediating RSCD agent vulnerability

      BMC  has  provided compliance job to check if RSCD agent vulnerability for Unix servers. I have executed job for one server and got non-compliant status. Performed remediation on  server but job gets fail. I checked deploy job logs  on server and see following line  in  log file.


      05/24/16 06:40:00.061 INFO bldeploy - [4][Post Commands] Executing command: "sh "/var/tmp/stage/cve_fix.sh" install "/opt/bmc/bladelogic/NSH" "/var/tmp/stage""
      05/24/16 06:40:00.061 DEBUGbldeploy - [4][Post Commands] chdir to PkgDir: '/var/tmp/stage/fd740e9d0bc336e586f583de63e2f04c/'
      05/24/16 06:40:00.114 INFO bldeploy - [4][Post Commands] [stdout: 4]    /opt/bmc/bladelogic/NSH/lib/librpccommon.so.1.0_CVE-2016-1542 and/or /opt/bmc/bladelogic/NSH/lib/libagentrpc.so.1.0_CVE-2016-1542 already exist, remediation s

      hould not be required


      05/24/16 06:40:00.114 INFO bldeploy - [4][Post Commands] [stdout: 4]   

      Please manually inspect the server and the chksums of librpccommon.so.1.0 and libagentrpc.so.1.0