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    OCS Inventory Integration

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      Hi All,


      I have made a search and I've actually find nothing about some existing integration between OCS inventory and RemedyForce.


      Does anyone have already feed the CMDB from this tool?



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          John Fulton



          We do not have an out-of-the-box integration with OCS Inventory.  We offer several other OOTB integrations with discovery tools as referenced under Remedyforce Administration (ex. SCCM, BCM, ADDM, etc...). 


          We are targeting agentless discovery as a new capability in Summer 16 (safe harbor).  Although OCS Inventory is open-source, it requires an agent.  Depending on your requirements, agentless may meet your needs.


          As a member of the Summer 16 EAP program, you have access to more detail on the upcoming enhancements. 


          Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions (john_fulton@bmc.com).



          John Fulton

          Remedyforce Product Management Team

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            Hi John,


            Yes I know for agentless discovery capability enhancement for Summer 16.

            Nevertheless, customer has already OCS Inventory deployed and want to use it (but I have seen for native integrations ).


            Thank you for your answer.