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    Redhat patch catalog update fails after downloading all RPM's

    Lavanya Bobba

      I created Redhat catalog and it was able to download all patches and failed at end with below error

      Error05/16/2016 17:22:55Error while updating feed: Error while copying local file: /tech/bladelogic/NSH/tmp/jobserver15-5q/catalog_cuj_7161031_21278a60-20eb-4a89-b6af-8be7938d8537/RHES6x86_64.lst as "catalog_2461523.part/RHES6x86_64.lst", to destination (Caused By: Could not open the file //BLADELOGIC-QA/tech/bladelogic/NAS/patch/Redhat/RHEL6.6/catalog_2461523.part/RHES6x86_64.lst: Encryption configuration error)



      i could not see the RHES6x86_64.lst in Job server location which is specified in the job at first place, i only found RedhatRepoDB.db file


      I retried the update after copying repodb file into mentioned place, again it failed with below errors:

      Error05/20/2016 13:21:13Unable to run createrepo for os-arch RHES6x86_64, list of rpm file is missing for this os-arch on repository.


      Error05/20/2016 13:21:18Error found while running job skipping Errata objects adding process.

      Log attached