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    Unintentionally targeting All Servers

    Tim Sharrar

      In 8.7, is there a way to prevent the following scenario from
      occurring while adding servers as targets in a deploy job or while choosing
      servers when using execute against?


      1. Select “All servers” smart group.
      2. Filter group to narrow down the list.
      3. Hold down the ctrl key and choose several
      4. Click  >  (add selected) button.


      In this scenario, the “All Servers” smart group stays
      highlighted and is added to the list of target servers.  When choosing several servers, “All Severs”
      will page off the screen and the user may not notice it got added to the list
      of targets.


      Obviously, this can be a very dangerous situation.  BTW, I know that choosing servers in this
      manner is not a very good practice.  We normally target servers by pre-defined server groups rather than using this Ad hoc