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    Resolve Package ID from BLPackage Tracking

    Marcel Drechsler

      I would like to (automatically) resolve all Packages which were installed on a server by REST Webservice - this seems to be possible by using the Configuration Object "BLPackage" while browsing the server. But there is a little problem. If you rename the BLPackage after it was deployed to the server, the Item within the CO "BLPackage" won't be updated because this information is stored in a small database on the server itself. So searching for the name of the BLPackage is not 100% reliable. To workaround this problem, I thought I could make use of the property "Package ID" which is displayed if you click on a Item within the CO "BLPackage". Is there any way to search for this Package ID by using REST Webservice? I already tried it like this:


      https://localhost:9843/type/PropertySetClasses/SystemObject/Depot%20Object/?PACKAGE_ID=201285&username= ...


      But this is throwing the following error: "Invalid condition: A property named PACKAGE_ID was not found in the Depot Object class.". Looks like this is an internal property. Does anyone have a hint for me on this?