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    [Promiscuous Mode/Accept] must enabled in monitored applications also or just EUEM VM

    Mohamed Eraky
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      Hello ,


      Please when i deployed APM on Hyber-V i must enable Promiscuous Mode/Accept

      as Mentioned in the documentation

      Installing a component from an ISO image file - BMC TrueSight App Visibility Manager 2.7 - BMC Documentation


      Capture ports must have Promiscuous Mode/Accept enabled.


      Capture limitations in Hyper-V


      Passive (promiscuous) mode traffic capture is not possible on a Microsoft Hyper-V system, because the Virtual Switch (vSwitch) will not forward packets to a virtual machine unless it has the MAC address of the virtual machine as a destination. In order to deploy a Real User Collector on Hyper-V, you must use Encapsulated Remote SPAN (ERSPAN) with a Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) tunnel to encapsulate and carry the traffic .

      my question is :

      must do this option in all application that i monitoring  or only in APM VM . !?



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          Alexandre Boyer

          Hi Mohamed,


          Apologies for the delay. The promiscuous mode should be enabled for the Collector, the Monitor or the APM Central that you are using to capture the traffic. Not on the application servers of yours.


          On Hyper-V, due to the vendor limitations, this is not possible so you may need to use a Cloud Probe installed on the host itself or on the application servers.


          Please open a support case if you need more specific answers or if you have some more specific questions.


          Thank you!


          Best regards,


          Alexandre Boyer

          BMC Software.

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