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    Using windows service internal names as compliance discovery rule

    Pekka Tiittanen




      I have  a problem. My use case is that if a windows service (feature) is installed, then I need to run a job that does certain things on the server. So if service "Service" is found and is running, then run the job "Deploy" (powershell script) that does actions on the server. Pretty straightforward and simple.


      But, I was planning to use compliance for this task but it seems that for what ever reason, it does not detect the service name and/or service internal name (I'd rather use internal name as the service name is different on different versions).


      Currently I have this on the discovery part, any hints/suggestions appreciated. Any alternative way to do this?


      ??TARGET.OS?? = "Windows"  AND

      "Windows Service:*"."Internal Name (Windows)" = "service"