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    Expose jobs as operations in the BladeLogic Portal?

    Joshua Skirde



      Is there a way to programmatically expose existing jobs as operations in the BladeLogic portal? I understand that an operation can be created from an existing job, but this doesn't provide the previous history, nor is it something I can figure out how to do via an API call.


      We are trying to satisfy the use case where we have several groups of users who deploy applications or perform patching via an AO workflow and we wish to give them visibility of job progress and logs.

      Using AO allows us to fully automate processes and ensure consistent deployments. For example our patching workflow creates an analysis job based on a user selected whitelist and run this on a group of servers, sending out an email with the patch results upon completion. It's not great at providing visibility of what's running, which servers it's still running on or providing the job logs. We want to use the BladeLogic portal to provide these features.


      What I really need is a way of importing a job and all its history into the Portal as an operation via an API call. Does such a thing exist?


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