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    Error when connecting to BladeLogic Appserver

      I have a Windows server with the BladeLogic Server Automation Console (8.2.01) installed for multiple user use. This installation has worked fine until last week. Since then, when trying to connect to our production application server, all users receive the following:

      Cannot connect to service:authsvc.bladelogic:blauth:/servername - connection reset.

      The corresponding error in the appserver log is :[Appserver] Connection closed by /x.x.x.x:62769 before pre-authentication handshake could be completed.

      Connections can be made successfully to the same appserver from other machines, and also connections can me made to a test appserver from the same problem server.

      This therefore suggests that the appserver is ok, as is the console software on the affected server. The issue appears to be with the authentication between the connecting server and the appserver. Any ideas please?

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