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    Random "Access Denied" errors using "blcli"

      Hi guys!


      We have created a Java program in which we call blcli command lines to create Component Templates, BLPackages, Jobs and Batch Jobs, as part of our deployment process.


      Each creation lasts 30 or 40 minutes, average. Usually, we have no errors in this process, but sometimes we have some Access Denied errors that cause the process to stop. We run the same process again and it finishes with no problem. The important thing is: these error occur while accessing objects created during the process, using the same command lines, so it is not a permission issue on pre-existing objects. The messages are like these:


      Command: JobGroup groupNameToId "/Folder/folder"

      Error: Command execution failed.  Access Denied JobFolder.Read


      Command: ImportExport exportObject 28 "DBKey:SDepotObjectModelKeyImpl:2034898-1-4222857" "\\folder\folder"

      Error: Command execution failed.  Access Denied BLPackage.Read


      Do you have any idea on why would these errors happen? I could not find any pattern in these failures.


      Thank you very much!