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    Is there a way to add line breaks or other formatting to SRD inputs merged into a description field

    Randall Thomson
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      We have a number of service requests which have 5 to 20 input questions.  Since creating separate fields on the incident object for them is impractical most are just mapped to the Description incident field.  However we'd still like to be able to have agents be able to read the information cleanly.  For example the service request displays the data for the requester cleanly (see the easy to read first example below) but the agent see a mess in the description field because it's hard to identify the prefixed field name (see bottom) Is there a way the agent can see the service request in the same manner the client does in self service?



      Below is the mess the agent sees from the custom email template and the in the incident:


      Description: Brief Description: A data source is a connection reference that you create outside a package. A data source represents a simple connection to a data store, which includes all tables and views in the data store. For more advanced features, such as the ability to select specific database objects such as tables and views or add new relationships between objects, use a data source view instead of a data source. For more information, see Data Source View (SSIS).
      Entity (select all that apply): MPR;SCPR
      Request Type: New request, recurring
      For Recurring Report Requests, How Often Do You Want to Receive This Report?: Every 5 Days
      Report Type: Solicitation List (gift/donor solicitations)
      How will you be contacting your list? (Select all that apply.): Phone/Telemarketing;Email
      Suppression Preference (all records marked as “No Contact of Any Kind” will be removed): Remove records with relevant suppressions.
      What types of records do you want?: Individuals
      Selection Criteria (Please be specific about who you need selected for your list.): When you add a data source to a package by using SSIS Designer, SQL Server Integration Services adds a connection manager that can be resolved as an OLE DB connection at run time, sets the connection manager properties, and adds the connection manager to Connections collection of the package. To associate the data source and the connection manager, Integration Services sets a property, DataSourceID, on the connection manager to the name of the data source. Except for the presence of the DataSourceID property, a connection manager that is created from a data source is the same as a connection manager that is created from an OLE DB connection. For more information, see OLE DB Connection Manager.
      Due Date (Due to an increase in requests, please allow 6-10 business days for us to complete your project.): 5/19/2016
      URGENT: true
      Please contact me to discuss this project in more detail.: true
      If anyone else (besides yourself) should receive this report, please include their names here: No