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    ACTION REQUIRED: BMC Remedy Single Sign-On LDAP security hotfix to be applied

    John Weigand
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      BMC Remedy Single Sign-On LDAP security hotfix


      If you are using BMC Remedy Single Sign-On 9.1 with LDAP authentication, then you must apply this hotfix immediately to resolve an LDAP authentication security vulnerability. This hotfix is cumulative and contains all previous hotfixes released for Remedy Single Sign-On 9.1.

      You do not need to apply this hotfix if: 

      • You are running Remedy Single Sign-On 9.1 but are not using LDAP authentication
      • You are running Remedy Single Sign-On 9.0.01 (9.0 SP1)
      • You are running Atrium Single Sign-On


      Additional issues resolved with this hotfix

      • Resolved: Product installer does not work when MSSQL database is configured with 'forced encryption' setting.
      • Resolved: Remedy SSO in search query attribute (objectClass=user) restricts applicable LDAP directories.


      For more information, see the readme file included with the hotfix package.

      Accessing the Hotfix Package files

      The above-referenced Hotfix Package is available for download from ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/ARRecommendedFixes/RSSO/91SecurityHotfix/.


      Best Regards,
      John Weigand
      R&D Program Manager, BMC Software