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    Unable to Clear/NULL fields in Remedy ITSM v9.1 using SOAP Web Services API

    Herve Roux
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      Dear All,


      I have been experiencing a weird behavior with Remedy ITSM v9.1 web services. It is clearly working in v8.x. (I haven’t tested in v9 as I don’t have a v9 sandbox laying around to play with).


      The bottom line is that I’m trying to clear the assignment on the ‘HPD:Help Desk’ Form using SOAP API. I did try using WS on the ‘HPD:IncidentInterface’ and even on the ‘HPD:Help Desk’ directly without success. I did try as well several parameters combinations of minOccurs, Nullable and so on but without success.

      The WS is working fine if you try to set the assignment to someone else for example, but it looks like v9.1 is ignoring empty XML Fields. As far as I know empty XML Fields are the way to ‘null’ a field as WS won’t access keywords like $NULL$.


      Another weird behavior is that even when I set the field as not optional (minOccurs & maxOccurs both set to 1), the WS call is not even complaining if I don’t pass those in the SOAP Body…


      It is not the first time that I noticed SOAP behaviors change between v8 and v9 but so far I was able to work around those… not like this one L


      I was wondering if anybody else had experienced similar issues?





      Simple Test SET Operation


      SOAP UI Request: