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    Job definition browse access limitations

    Paul Robins
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      Hi everyone,

      I just wanted to throw this out for discussion before I mention it to BMC.

      We have certain users that we provide browse access to our job definitions in the planning domain. Nothing unusual there.

      Unfortunately we have found some limitations in this:

      • In browse mode, many field values are not selectable in case you want to copy the content.
      • In browse mode, many fields are not scrollable, in case the information you want goes outside the visible window.
      • In browse mode, some information cannot be drilled into (e.g. AFT advanced parms)

      Does anyone else find this to be an issue? Is this fixed in v9?

      We have found that users that do have legitimate update access are checking out folders just to be able to access this information, even when a change is not required.

      Thanks for reading,


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          Mark Francome

          Hi Paul,


          I've always seen the browse group as something for staff who don't need the details of jobs, just the "big picture". For example, we had a Help Desk who wanted to see the errors in the various batch flows as they happened (i.e. only using the monitoring domain). These people wouldn't need to alter jobs.


          Having said that, there are many fields in planning that are unselectable until you check the table out, regardless of your access rights -