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    How to purge files on File Server with security?

    Natali Nogueira

      I need to purge the File Server. But I would like to understand how to the "BSA Recommended Database Cleanup Script" works, because here only We can to delete the files on File Server of packages (Depot) that were deleted on Bladelogic Console.


      I saw that the option below deletes all the unused files on File Server, but what the script consideres "unsed file". These files are that not utilized or the files that the dependency on the depot were deleted???


      Is there any way to search the files on File Server that the dependency already was deleted?


      CLEAN_FSDelete cleanupFileServerCleans all the unused files from the file server and from temporary file storage on the Application Server.

      Note: When a Custom Package Deploy Job runs, it creates a subdirectory under the BLPackage directory for every iteration. Even after the job run history is removed by the retention policy, these directories still exist. These directories are not removed by the cleanup script.
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