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    Where is HasImpact and Direction set for Software to Host Dependency in Discovery 11?

    Brian Soefje
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      I am looking all over at the CMDB sync scripts for Software and I can no longer find these settings in the sync scripts?

      In version 10 there was a block like this in the SI_SoftwareServer sync script:

      datamodel 6 do


             Source               := computersystem,

             Destination         := softwareserver,

             Name                 := "APPLICATIONSYSTEMCOMPUTER",

             HasImpact         := 5,

             ImpactDirection := 10 // Source-Destination


      end datamodel;


      Where did this move to in Version 11. We are running TKU-2016-03-2-ADDM-11.0+

      Where can I can control these settings now in 11?