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    Web Services: http / https

    Bjorn Calabuig
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      Hi List,

      Just a quick question.


      I've created a Web Service containing a few operations.

      From within DevS, I've changed http to https, just looking like this:




      but, when displaying the WSDL, at the bottom I still can see this:



      - <wsdl:service name="WSConsoleService">

      - <wsdl:port binding="s0:Port_0SoapBinding" name="Port_0Soap">

        <soap:address location="http://preproserver/arsys/services/ARService?server=preproserver.acme.xyz&webService=WSConsole" />





      Providers are starting to create their own clients in order to test WSDL operations.

      Unfortunately they have to add an "s" to each operation they want to consume.


      I believe this must be related with Web Server configuration, as explained at:

      Re: Is there a way to edit http to https in WebService


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Kind Regards,