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    ITSM 9.x Archiving Policy - Date Qualifier based on Submit Date - WHY?

    Thomas Hammer
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      BMC has decided to use the Submit Date as  the default date qualification field to determine the age of a record to be archived.

      See following screen shot a s an example

      Archive Age Qualification Field.jpg


      What is the reason for this decision? Does it really make sense? Why didn't you use the Last Modified date instead?


      There's a Note in the documentation:


      But even an explanation WHAT will happen (which has already been clear without this note)  does not make it clearer WHY this was implemented that way.


      This is a very strange and weird decision.

      None of the people I've talked to was able to explain to me a real world used case where the submit date should be used and not the last modified date.


      Is anybody able to explain?


      Of course we can change this. But then we will have to create an overlay for each an every form just for overriding the default value.

      And this could be avoided, if the default had a more reasonable reference.