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    TSI API - How to normalize epoch time (timestamp) to current Time Zone?


      I am integrating performance data from a monitoring source (e.g. BPPM or TSIM) using REST API. I simply pass the epoch value that I collect every 5 minutes from the source tool into the JSON body of the Measures API. I notice that that the date is based on different timezone (maybe GMT). How should I handle the epoch so that it is based on my timezone, such as EST or CST?


      Here is a SAMPLE JSON Body for a measures:


      Formatted JSON Data











      The actual time reflected in the source tool is:  4/22/2016 12:28:46 PM CST

      1461327641 = 4/22/2016 15:28:46 GMT


      This is what I see in the TSI UI .. appears to be a GAP in the graph with current time (click to enlarge image):



      Please provide best practices on how I should handle epoch? Should I transform it before sending? What would you suggest?


      Thank you.