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    windows map=SID?

    Timothy Woodfill

      Anyone using the Windows user account SID instead of a user name in the users.local file to map?  If so, is the ADMIN_ACCOUNT property automatically maintained or even needed?  This would serious improve windows agent availability when the admin account is different on many servers.



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          Bill Robinson

          the sids will vary won't they ?

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            Timothy Woodfill

            The SID for a server will not change after it is built and in a domain.  So the Windows server admins can change the name at will…


            I just did a quick test of one of our dev managed system.  Changed the map=<used_sid-500> in users, and users.local, and the ADMIN_ACCOUNT property….(updating the ADMIN_ACCOUNT property was a pain – I had to type it (cut-n-paste did not work)


            IT WORKS!  This is going to close a huge gap we have.  Windows admin account names on high security systems are changed at regular intervals.


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              Bill Robinson

              Oh – that’s true – i was thinking you were trying to avoid having the admin_account property set at all.